“Come with me, and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination.” – Willy Wonka

The drawings with which this project started were made to create a world of pure imagination that still makes sense in this one. Starting with shape and colour makes a design process playful, later on a surprising yet suitable function can be found. As an example of this process, one drawing was translated into a popcorn machine. Like any other functional product it had to be conceptualised and constructively thought through. Most popcorn machines are very dull though the simple process of making popcorn is exciting. Thats what this machine enlarges, its an experience for both children and adults. The drawings form a foundation for future designs.



LR_popcorn_jolene_005 LR_popcorn_jolene_007
LR_popcorn_jolene_010 LR_popcorn_jolene_009LR_popcorn_jolene_011 LR_popcorn_jolene_013 LR_popcorn_jolene_014